DireWolf Dog Veterinary Care



General Practices

In general, Vallecito Alsatians does not find most veterinarians to have the best interest of our dogs in mind.  We believe the American public has been dooped into believing many untruths from many vets across the country.  We searched years for our current outstanding veterinarian, Dr. Harry Baxstrom.  We wouldn't have anyone else in the area!  We have strict standards for what a veterinarian should be and do for us and our vet fits every expectation.  We urge you to settle for nothing less than the best vet as well.  


Don't believe the lies!  

Click here to read a very interesting article on Vets by Leerburg.  

We completely agree!


Some people may find fault with the following beliefs.  We have been awakened to the schemes created by vets to increase their revenue and allow 'big money' drug and dog food companies to push them to do more than they should.  We make choices based on solid evidence which includes the extensive experience from breeders around the country who've proven these beliefs hold true.  We do not trust anyone blindly, but seek proven answers to tough questions.  Our dogs mean the world to us and we wouldn't give them anything less than best we can give them.  This includes a knowledgeable vet whose interest is on our dogs' health, not filling his/her wallet or ego.



  1. We do NOT believe in spending thousands of dollars on a dog's health.  That is why we breed ONLY healthy stock and NEVER breed any dog with any suspicion or proof of unsoundness or ill health.  We x-ray all our breeding stock, feed all natural foods, and exercise our dogs regularly.  Please see our breeding policy page for more information.
  2. We do NOT believe in vaccinating our dogs every year.  Click here to read why.  We do, however, believe in giving puppy shots in order to give the pup immunity once mother's milk is gone.  
  3. We do NOT believe in going to the vet's office for every sniffle or cough from our dogs.  We believe that great health in our dogs along with proper diet and exercise gives our dogs the ability to overcome many minor health issues without the need for medical intervention.  (BTW: We adhere to this policy for ourselves, too.)
  4. We do NOT believe in giving an Alsatian puppy a rabies shot before 1 year of age.  Don't let them bully you.  Click here to read about rabies shots in the Alsatian breed.
  5. We do NOT believe vets are the authority on pet nutrition or training.  We believe in either raw or all natural diets and consulting with professional trainers to help us with training needs.
  6. We do believe a vet should do the minimum in order to keep our dogs healthy.  Less is more in this case.
  7. We believe in proper diet and exercise for dogs as well as correct pack leader training for humans.  We absolutely believe that this alone will prevent many trips to the vet.


We here at Vallecito Alsatians have an excellent veterinarian, Dr. Harry Baxstrom, DVM at Pine River Veterinary Services in Bayfield, CO.  He truly loves and cares for animals.  He is ethical and not in the animal care business solely for the money.  He does not push special foods or medications in order to get kickbacks from drug or dog food companies.  He does not prescribe unnecessary medications or surgeries.  We just adore him and can't say enough about his laid back, one-on-one attention.  He is old school and will do home visits if necessary.  We couldn't ask for a more knowledgeable person to take care of all our veterinary needs.  Thank you so much, Dr. Baxstrom!