DireWolf Dog - Nellie

Nellie Bly (Gemma)

F1 Crossbreed

Born: 11-5-11


Gemma's litter has arrived. 

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Nellie was born on November 5, 2011.  She is a first generation crossbred American Alsatian and not a purebred American Alsatian.  Her father was a registered black and tan East German, German Shepherd Dog (GSD) from working lines and her mother is Nadine. 


Why do we have Nellie?  What purpose is there to breeding this cross into the lines?

        Nellie Bly is a first generation German Shepherd Dog (GSD)/American Alsatian cross and is not a purebred American Alsatian.  Because she is not a purebred American Alsatian, many people may wonder why she is being bred into the lines.  First of all, the American Alsatian is such a rare breed of dog that there are only around 10 breeding females and 3 breeding males available at this time.  The lack of purebreds available for breeding severely limits our gene pool and can potentially create a bottleneck effect within the American Alsatian that would potentially result in inbreeding co-efficiencies much greater than is healthy for the breed.  Occasional crossbreeding is an absolute necessity for this reason alone. 

        However, the other reason that crossbreeding appears within the breed from time to time is because the American Alsatian is not completely where it will ultimately end up in conformation.  Therefore, our breed needs certain traits from specific crosses that will advance the breed further toward its standards.  In this case, breeding to a GSD of working lines from Germany gives us several advantages that we previously did not have (or minimally have) available in our lines.  (It also adds several traits that we do not want and will be systematically working to eliminate over the next few generations) Let me describe them below:


Benefits of a working GSD:

1. Temperament is outgoing and confident, which enhances our own breed's confidence.

2. Intelligence allows for continued ease of training, which we can keep intact within our breed.

3. The proportion of the working GSD conformation is closer to the American Alsatian than the show type.

4. Consistently erect ears.

5. Chest is deep and there is no real tuck up of the belly.

6. Eyes are more slanted than a show type GSD.

7. Dark points, such as pads of feet, nose and skin pigmentation are consistent within the GSD.

8. Working GSDs have less health issues overall, especially in the hips and elbows.


Traits coming from the GSD that we will breed out over time:

1. barking/whining

2. much higher activity level 

3. long tail

4. taller ears

5. smaller bone size overall, including skull

6. smaller height and weight


Note: Nellie's line will be kept separate from the purebred American Alsatian lines until we are certain that no health issues exist and the temperament within this line conforms to our American Alsatian standard.  Only then will we consider integrating this new line into the breed's overall lineage.  This usually takes 3 - 5 generations.

Video of Nellie at 9 months old





4 months old


Nellie's Parents

Dam: Nadine,      Sire: Registered German Shepherd Dog (pictured below)




Currently, Nellie is in excellent health.  She shows no signs of limping, or seizures and her coat is shiny and clean.  Her eyes are clear and bright.  She has preliminary OFA hip scores registered "good" and is OFA negative for elbow dysplasia.  Her heart and eyes are normal.  She is the picture of perfect health.



Nellie is very compliant and sweet in nature.  She loves to snuggle and give and receive hugs.  She is on the submissive side and is very easy to correct.  She learns exceptionally quickly and is quite willing to work for mark and reward.  Nellie is friendly and confident when meeting and greeting strangers, but she does have a protective side to her and will bark at strangers and/or strange dogs that approach the house. 



Nellie has a light gold sable color with a short coat.  Her eyes are dark amber.  She has a deep black nose and all paws and toenails are black.  She is a nicely built female with a more masculine head and erect ears.  Nellie is longer than tall and is correct in proportion.  She is currently almost 95 pounds and 25 inches tall. 



- Nellie has too much energy for our breed.

- Nellie uses her voice (barking and whining).  She is not excessive or constant and always has a reason, but this trait is still more than our breed standards call for.

- ears are larger than we want in our breed.  

- eyes are darker and slightly rounder.

- her head is a bit smaller than we want in our breed in proportion to her body size.

- Front feet turn outward ever so slightly.

- her coat is overall too short for our breed, but will help us shorten the longer coat that occurs in some dogs in our breed.