DireWolf Dog - Merlin

Merlin (August West)

Born: 06-22-2015

Sire: Hemi, Dam: Lexi (GSD)


National American Alsatian Registry (NAAR) #HL0010-2

Generation: F1

OFA Hips: TBD OFA Elbows: TBD
Height: 28 in.   Weight: 98 lb.
Eye Color: Brown Coat Color: Silver wolf gray Coat Length: Short
Conformation Score: 9   Temperament Score: 10+





Puppy Pictures








                                         O = Ideal American Alsatian Temperament

                                         O = Merlin's Temperament


Pedigree Chart


Rainier Snow Cedar
Autumn Zorro







Temperament Test #2 - 2.5 to 3 weeks


What is the reaction to a dropped loud object?

Merlin was sleeping when the loud noise portion of the test happened.  He was startled awake (so he's not deaf) and looked toward the object for a long time he did not move.  However, when Lexi (his mom) entered the picture, he did turn his head away and towards the den only to look back again as if uncomfortable.  He then laid back down again, completely alert, but in no way traumatized.  Merlin receives a score of 8 for this portion of the test.


What is the reaction when pup is roughly pet?

Merlin was standing when the pet began.  He did not flinch, draw back or work to move away.  He was interested in going to where his mom, Lexi was standing.  The rough pet did not traumatize him in the least and he remained calm and quiet the entire time.  Melin receives a score of 9 for this portion of the test.


What is the reaction when pup is picked up?

Merlin was sitting up just beforehand.  He was picked up by the back of the scruff of his neck.  He was relaxed throughout the entirety of this section of the test.  He did not cry out or whimper or whine.  His body remained loose.  He moved to lie down when he was replaced back on solid ground.  Merlin receives a score of 9 for this portion of the test.


What is the reaction of this pup when it is turned over on its back?

Merlin curled his tail around the handler's arm and stiffed slightly upon the turn.  Once turned over, his relaxed his legs, but his tail remained curved around the handler's arm.  He looked directly into the eyes of the handler for a few moments.  Then, he looked back down to the litter below him.  At that point, he anticipated the turn back over and helped the handler right him.  He did not make any noise, did not open his mouth, or move to get down or trick the handler into turning him right side up.  Merlin receives a score of 7 for this portion of the test.


What is the reaction of this pup when it is placed in a wicker basket?

When placed in a cardboard box with a towel on the bottom, Merlin looked around without making a sound and sniffed at parts of the box.  He did not react with any indications of fear or anxiety.  He did not try to get out of the box.  Merlin receives a score of 9 for this part of the test.


What is the reaction of this pup when it is placed back away from siblings?

When placed back in the den away from his litter mates, Merlin sat right where he was placed and looked around.  He did not move to get up or look back up at the handler.  He simply sat quietly.  He did grumble some when being placed down, but other than that, he was quiet as can be.  Merlin receives a score of 9 for this portion of the test. 


Overall, this puppy receives a score of 8.5 on this temperament test.

Merlin comes to us from Missouri where he was born.  His mother is an AKC registered white German Shepherd Dog named Lexi.  His father is a first generation American Alsatian named Hemi.  Hemi's father (Merlin's grandfather) was a purebred giant Alaskan Malamute and Hemi's mother (Merlin's grandmother) was a truebred American Alsatian named Autumn.  Merlin himself is a beautiful silver wolf gray with deep black pigmentation and a large size.  He has a large head and a black muzzle.  Merlin is considered a first generation American Alsatian cross.  He will enter the American Alsatian lines in order to add overall size, keep the intelligent alertness and confidence in our breed.  We will be traveling to Missouri in late August 2015 in order to pick him up and bring him here to Vallecito Alsatians, LLC.  He will be under strict temperament observance as well as any signs of ill health at any time.  



Merlin is extremely healthy. He did not show any signs of innocent heart murmur. He showed some allergy-like symptoms around 6 months old, but it all went away without medical intervention once he was removed from the environment in which he lived. He has not experienced any tremors, seizures, weakness in the legs or feet, limping, panosteitis symptoms, issues with his eyes or ears, excessive scratching or other allergy symptoms, soft stools, etc. He runs, jumps, lopes, lies down, etc without any difficulty. He has never showed signs of pain or any symptoms of illness at any time. He is extremely healthy and vibrant.  



Merlin has an exceptional temperament. Overall, he does not show many signs of discomfort and does not let anything in life bother him. He is extremely mellow and calm. One of the most amazing aspects about Merlin's personality is that he shows an exceptional intelligence and memory. He can remember things many months after they occur. Merlin learns by observing and using his nose. He understood, even as a young 8 week old puppy, that he could sniff the scent in the air and determine whether he knew a person or not who was approaching. He is exceptionally intuitive and anticipates future events. Merlin can calculate and problem solve. His superior intellect is one of the most amazing things about this special dog. Merlin is aloof in nature and gives more intimate affection to those with whom he is bonded. He bonds strongly and likes routine and structure, although he takes things in stride when circumstances change. Merlin doesn't mind strangers or strange dogs and remains calm and gentle at all times. Merlin can pick up human emotion and respond accordingly. He has an uncanny ability to show emotion. Merlin is compliant and willing, but does not do so with unbridled energy. He is a very stable, well-rounded dog with a perfect American Alsatian companion dog temperament. This is astonishing considering his crossbreeding. 



Merlin is a tall silver wolf gray with a short coat and a black muzzle. He has thin bones and small feet. Merlin has a short, straight tail with black points and no white spotting. He shows deep black pigmentation. Merlin has erect ears, although they are taller than desired. Merlin has a shallow chest and long legs, which gives him an overall athletic appearance. Merlin has brown eyes that are almond shaped. Merlin has good proportions overall. His teeth are well positioned in a scissors bite. 



1. thin bones

2. small feet

3. brown eyes

4. tall ears


What He will Consistently Produce:

1. silver wolf gray coloring

2. possible no mask trait

3. erect ears

4. great mellow temperament

5. smaller feet

6. short, straight tail

7. dark pigmentation and no white spotting

8. short coat

9. possible white coloring


Medical History:

born: 06-22-2015