About DireWolf Dogs



Being silly while I wait (what seemed like a long time) 

for a search dog to find me in the woods.



Okay, the real me.



Vallecito Alsatians, LLC holds the rights to and manages the affairs of three companies:
DireWolf Dogs
DireWolf Guardians
DireWolf Publishing™ 
Each of these companies focuses on one piece of a three tiered system and is directly related to advancing the Dire Wolf Project and its interests.

DireWolf Dogs™ of Vallecito is the second Dire Wolf Project breeding facility and is a private for profit business.  It is located in Vallecito Lake, Colorado on 1/3 of an acre and currently houses 6 dogs with 4 co-owned dogs also available, but living off site.  Dire Wolf Dogs™ is committed to superior quality in health, temperament and Dire Wolf replication.  

DireWolf Guardians™ is a private non-profit training facility working closely with families who need exceptionally trained American Alsatians for assistance, therapy and/or family companionship.  There are two trainers and one non-profit promotion manager.  We hope to grow in the future to help as many American Alsatian dogs live to their fullest potential. Please see their separate website for more details and how to contact them. 

DireWolf Publishing™ is a private for profit business publishing any and all books and other printed resources regarding the Dire Wolf Project and the American Alsatian.  We take open fiction and/or non-fiction writing submissions. Please see their separate website for more details and how to contact them. 




About us:


I am the current President of the National American Alsatian Club and have been involved with the breed since its beginnings in 1987. In 1996, I owned "Sophie," an F1 out of the Brat and Liberty Valence, a purebred German Shepherd Dog whose father was the famous "You Can Call Me Al." After Sophie, I owned several breeds of dogs including a black Giant Schnauzer, an English Cocker Spaniel, and a Maltese.  In 2004, my husband, Jay, joined me in this passion. When we could finally have dogs again, we came back to the American Alsatian and have owned numerous American Alsatians since then. After all these years of watching the American Alsatian breed develop, we finally decided to help Lois in her quest to continue to breed the best companion dogs in the world. We are excited to continue her vision in Colorado. 


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