DireWolf Dog - Igraine

Lady Igraine (Patriot)

Born: 10-03-2015

Dam: Sprinkle, Sire: Huck


National American Alsatian Registry (NAAR) #: HS02001-4

Generation: F2

OFA Hips: fair OFA Elbows:  L=Negative, R=Negative
Height: 24 in   Weight: 83 lb
Eye Color: Amber Coat Color: Tri-Gold Coat Length: Short
Conformation Score: 7   Temperament Score: 7














































Puppy Pictures
































                                         O = Ideal American Alsatian Temperament

                                         O = Igraine's Temperament


Pedigree Chart






Lab/Malamute cross






Summer Rain





Temperament Test #1 - Birth to 3 days


How does this puppy come into the world?

This puppy's sack broke before she was delivered.  She was head first and had to be held while Sprinkle prepared herself to push.  She was extremely quiet and slow moving.  It took a while to make sure she was breathing, which she was.  This puppy receives a score of 9 for this category.


Noises this puppy makes in the first 8 hours of life?

This puppy is extremely quiet, although she can scream out when moved abruptly by mom.  This puppy receives a score of 8 for this category.


What is the energy level of this pup?

This puppy is slow and methodical.  She does not flail or move her legs, but only moves her head slightly from side to side in a slow moving fashion.  This puppy receives a score of 10 for this category.


What is the reaction of this pup to the first medical examination?

This puppy was calm and quiet throughout the medical examination.  She did not fight or fuss, but did try to move quietly off of the scale.  She did not make any noise or sound during this time, not even grunting.  She receives a score of 10+ for this category.


What is the reaction of this pup when it is turned over on its back?

This puppy did not move or grunt, but relaxed in the cup of the handler's hands.  She was aware and alert.  This puppy did not yawn or in any way seem upset or in distress.  This puppy receives a score of 10+ for this category.


What is the reaction of this pup when it is placed back with its mother?

This puppy went right back to mom without a peep.  She did not grunt or turn, but went straight back.  This puppy receives a score of 10 for this category.


What is the reaction of this pup when touched by a human?

This puppy did not mind at all.  She did not grunt, cry or scream.  Her heart was steady and she did not move her legs around in the least.  Very quiet and calm  This puppy receives a score of 10+ for this category.


Overall, this puppy receives a score of 10 on this first temperament test.



Lady Igraine is exceptionally healthy. She has not had any medical issues to date.  She has not had any tremors, seizures, weakness in the legs or feet, limping, panosteitis symptoms, issues with his eyes or ears, excessive scratching or other allergy symptoms, soft stools, etc.  She runs, jumps, lopes, lies down, etc without any difficulty. She has never showed signs of pain or any symptoms of illness at any time. She is extremely healthy and vibrant.  



Lady Igraine is VERY smart. She learns extremely quickly and can almost anticipate what you want her to do. Her quick wit and intelligence is why we kept her in the breed. She is in training to be a guide dog for a young lady with digenerative eye disease. Lady Igraine has excessive energy and loves to run and chase. She fetches with ease and runs at great speeds and distances. She is athletic in build and nature. Lady Igraine has some prey drive and will chase animals when she is in an open field and allowed to run at will. She loves to swim and play in the water. Lady Igraine is a very balanced dog. She will bend to another's will, but also keeps her own indentity and does not wilt in submission. Lady Igraine is on the friendly side of aloof. She knows the difference between strangers and the loyalty she devotes to her family and close friends. She shows some initial discomfort with strange dogs, especially if they are barking at her, but she keeps her composure when outside of her own territory. She can be territorial when strange dogs come into her own yard, however. Lady Igraine is a confident dog and does not show nervous behaviors. Lady Igraine is neither highly bonded nor highly independent. She will roam and doesn't mind being on her own, but she also keeps an eye out for her home and family. She has a sense of a larger territory than we prefer in our breed. Lady Igraine is a moderately soft dog and does not take a lot of correction or pressure to react. She also shows a somewhat higher pain threshold.



Lady Igraine is a small tri-gold sable with a short coat. Her feet are small in size. She has a lovely shaped head and nice almond shaped amber eyes. Her ears rose early and are well porportioned to her body size. She has a beautifully thick, short tail that lies straight and does not curl over her body. Her stifles are straighter than preferred. She has an excellent round wide rump and her frame is lithe and athletic in build. She stands 24 inches tall and weighs 83 pounds. 



Lady Igraine is a very small size for our breed. She has small feet and is lighter in frame than we like overall. Her stifles are too straight and she stands a bit too stiffly overall. Her coat is a bit too short, but it has a good ratio of undercoat to outercoat. She possesses gold coloration on her legs. 


Igraine will consistently produce:

1. thick, short tails

2. erect ears

3. lovely almond shaped eyes

4. a bit more energy than we like

5. somewhat higher prey drive

6. excellent health

7. superior intelligence

8. tri-gold sable and silver wolf gray coloring

9. amber to yellow eyes


Medical History:

10-3-2015: birth
Weight: 1 lb 2 oz

10-10-2015: 1 week
Weight: 1 lb 13 oz
Length: 13 in
Tail: 3.5 in

Forepaw: 3 in

Shoulder: 3 in
Skull size: 7.5 in

10-17-2015: 2 weeks
Weight: 2 lbs 6 oz
Length: 13 in
Tail: 3.5 in

Forepaw: 4 in

Shoulder: 4 in
Skull size: 9 in



10-24-2015: 3 weeks
Weight: 2 lbs 13 oz
Length: 13.5 in
Tail: 4.5 in

Forepaw: 4.5 in

Shoulder: 4.5 in
Skull size: 9 in


Wormed: 10-30-2015, 1.5 cc



10-31-2015: 4 weeks
Weight: 3 lbs 15 oz
Length: 14.5 in
Tail: 5 in

Forepaw: 5 in

Shoulder: 5 in
Skull size: 10.5 in


Wormed: 09-04-2015, 2 cc



11-7-2015: 5 weeks

Weight: 5 lbs
Length: 16 in
Tail: 5.5 in

Forepaw: 5 in

Shoulder: 5 in
Skull size: 10.5 in



11-14-2015: 6 weeks


Canine Spectra 5 - Modified Live Virus


(Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2 CAV-2, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus Type 2b, Canine Hepatitis CAV-1 Vaccine)