DireWolf Dog Future Litters


Summer 2017

Tina Turner


This litter is CONFIRMED.

Please let me know if you are interested in this litter so that we can star your name on our waiting list. 

This match will produce large and incredibly sweet dogs. Puppies coming from this match will be extremely smart.  They will be quiet and loving; wanting to be with you. We should see pups that are willing to do what you ask, but may show more energy than our standards require. The puppies from these two may have a serious maturity although a few may be playful and less serious. Puppies should have low prey drives and not that interested in chasing balls and playing tug, but some pups may like to chew on toys, such as hooves and antlers. Some puppies will be more on the submissive side of things and will be more sensitive in their emotions. Some puppies will show erect ears as they mature, but others may not rise or rise very slowly. Medium length coats are expected. We will see silver wolf gray, cream, and black and white coloring with black masks. Eyes will be amber to yellow.  Pups should reach 90 to 110 pounds and stand 26 to 28 inches in height. Tails will tend to lie flat unless excited, although there may be a pup with a curled tail. The inbreeding coefficient for this breeding is 11.91% on a five generation pedigree and the ancestor loss coefficient is 73.3% on a four generation pedigree. Health is guaranteed, as always. We are not looking to co-own any puppies from this litter, but we may keep one exceptional pup if the opportunity arises, otherwise all puppies in this litter will be sold.


Puppies will range in price from $2500 to $3000 for pet quality and more for breeding/show quality.



In the coming years, we will be working diligently to decrease the inbreeding coefficient within the American Alsatian breed overall.  This can only be accomplished by adding crossbred lines and population to our breed.  Within our litters here at Vallecito Alsatians, we will be working to consistently attain an inbreeding coefficient of no more than .07 (7%) using a 5 generation pedigree.  Therefore, we will share each litter's inbreeding coefficient with you as we work on this over the coming years.  It is a long term project that will take time, but we are dedicated to accomplishing this for the diversity needed in the breed.  


If you are interested in reading more about our thoughts on inbreeding coefficients, please click here.  


We are also interested in increasing the ancestor loss coefficient.  This is an indication of the percentage of different parents within a certain number of generations.  We would like to keep a 100% (or 1) diverse parentage (ancestor loss coefficient) in the first three generations and at least a 90% (or .9) ancestor loss coefficient in the first four generations. 


With the combination of a low inbreeding coefficient and a high ancestor loss coefficient, we can ensure that the American Alsatian will be healthy and vibrant for many years to come without breeding too close and limiting the health in our strongbred lines. 


If you are interested in a puppy from Vallecito Alsatians, you must complete our

Puppy Adoption Questionnaire and follow up email interview, if needed.  Once approved, you can place a deposit down.


A $600 non-refundable deposit will hold a spot in line for our one of a kind dog breed.  Please email us if you have been officially approved and are interested in adding your deposit.