DireWolf Dog Facilities



We have moved!!

We recently purchased a lovely 28-acre property surrounded on two sides by Department of Natural Resources (DNR) land with views and access to Lake Roosevelt on the Columbia River. It is located just west of Spokane, Washington. The dogs are going to LOVE it.


We are scheduled to arrive at our new property on June 8th, 2017. We can't wait to set up the new facilities and begin the building process. You are welcome to come and visit us, but please remember that we are in the beginning stages of building on this new land, which will take several years to establish.






Video of our Puppy Whelping Room


DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito is located 5 miles south of Hunters, Washington, 72 miles from the city of Spokane.  As the wind whistles through the treetops, our American Alsatians frolic near beautiful Lake Roosevelt, a wide area of the Columbia River as it heads south toward Oregon before it turns west to travel out to the sea. We are surrounded by Department of Natural Resources land and are right off of Highway 25. 




Find out more about us here.



We are happy to see you, but please email us to set up an appointment first so that we can be sure to be here after you have driven all this way.