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For nearly a decade, DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito, LLC has bred American Alsatian dogs of beauty, intelligence, and character. Our American Alsatian dogs are confident, trustworthy, affectionate companions. We firmly believe that early socialization in a stimulating setting brings out the American Alsatian dog's marvelous, versatile personality and enriches his entire adult life. Begin the process of obtaining one of our beautiful DireWolf Dogs by completing our Puppy Adoption Questionnaire.



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UPDATE: December 16, 2017





Winter, 2017



The Golden Eye Litter

Puppies due: January 07, 2018

If you are interested in becoming ACTIVE on our waiting list for this litter, please email us. 





Winter, 2018



The Black and Silver Litter 

Puppies due January 2, 2018

If you are interested in becoming ACTIVE on our waiting list for this litter, please email us.




If you are waiting for a different litter you must wait until that litter is confirmed before letting us know of your interest.  



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Breeding Philosophy

How DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito plans to improve the American Alsatian breed with each litter.


Breeding Policies

How DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito follows the National American Alsatian Breeder's Association's Code of Ethics.  


Puppy Guarantee
DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito extensive lifetime puppy guarantee.


Buying a DireWolf Dog

How to purchase your new puppy from DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito from beginning to end.



How to get your new puppy from our house to yours. 








"No symphony orchestra ever played music like a two-year-old girl laughing with a puppy."

                ~Bern Williams








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