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                    "Lovie"                                                       "Ginger"

                     SOLD                                                              $2600

Lovie is a sweet-natured pup with lots of quiet affection. She is patient and willing to wait for when you are ready to love on her. She loves to be near and wants to stay close all of the time. She is very smart and may even out-smart you if you do not keep consistent rules. She will do well in obedience training. Ginger is a caring pup with lots of bubbly affection. She loves to go for walks and play with toys, especially chew toys. Ginger does not mind being on her own and can spend hours playing quietly by herself. She is exceptionally smart and learns tasks very quickly. She is compliant and willing. She will excel in obedience training.

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"No symphony orchestra ever played music like a two-year-old girl laughing with a puppy."

                ~Bern Williams








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