DireWolf Dog - Aslan

Zorro's Silver Legacy (Aslan)

Born: 04-22-2012

Dam: Nadine, Sire: Zorro


National American Alsatian Registry (NAAR) #:ZN03025

Generation: F-4 (pure)

OFA Hips: Good OFA Elbows: L=Negative, R=Negative
Height: 26 in.   Weight: 98 lb.
Eye Color: Light Amber Coat Color: Silver Coat: Length: Medium
Conformation Score: 9   Temperament Score: 10+


































Puppy Pictures































                                         O = Ideal American Alsatian Temperament

                                         O = Aslan's Temperament


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Aslan is extremely healthy.  He has not had any medical issues to date.  He has not had any tremors, seizures, weakness in the legs or feet, limping, panosteitis symptoms, issues with his eyes or ears, excessive scratching or other allergy symptoms, soft stools, etc.   He runs, jumps, lopes, lies down, etc without any difficulty.  He has never showed signs of pain or any symptoms of illness at any time.  He is extremely healthy and vibrant.  



Aslan is very intelligent, learns quickly and is eager to please.  He is on the submissive side, but bounces back very easily.  He is on the friendly side of aloof when it comes to strangers.  He wags his tail and appreciates a pet from anyone, old and young alike.  He is confident in general, but did require socialization to become more confident in areas unfamiliar to him, especially passing barking dogs.  He is happy to meet a happy dog, but leery of meeting passive dogs that stare.  He is not interested in playing with other dogs outside of his 'pack.'  Aslan is not afraid of loud noises of any kind, but is inquisitive instead. He has a high pain threshold and does not squeal or yelp when being given shots.  He is quiet and does not bark.  In fact, it is a very rare occurrence.  Aslan has a very low prey drive and does not initiate play unless encouraged.  He will tug at play, but tends to like to chew quietly or use his thinking treat toys instead of playing fetch or tug for any length of time.  



Aslan is a large dark silver male with perfect leg positioning.  His head is extremely large with two standing ears and very light amber eyes.  (Not quite yellow)  Aslan's tail hangs just below his hocks and he has large paws and very thick bones.  He currently stands 26 inches tall and weighs 89 pounds.  He has a dark muzzle and dark tips on his toes and tail.  The only white patch showing is a very small patch on his chest.  All toes and pads of his feet are black.  He was born with a muted liver gene surrounding his eyes, but they have since turned black.  However, it is noted that this was a factor in all the pups in his litter and comes from his mother, Nadine.  We will be breeding against this in his future line.



Aslan does not have any faults in health.  Aslan does not have any faults in temperament.  Aslan  has a crook in the end of his tail that slants slightly to the left.  He was born with a muted liver coloration that affected the eyeliner around his eyes as a puppy.  His tail is slightly too long in length for the breed.  Aslan is slightly too short and too light for the breed standards.  


Aslan will consistently produce: 

1. light eyes

2. erect ears

3. only silver coloration

4. large, thick bones

5. dark pigmentation (no white spotting)

6. dark muzzle

7. perfect American Alsatian temperament 

8. extremely healthy

9. longer tails

10. height: 25-27 in.

11. weight: 80 - 100 lb.



Medical History:
04-22-2012: birth


04-29-2012: 1 week
Weight: 2 lb 8.25 oz
Length: 13.5 in 
Tail: 3.75 in
Forepaw: 3.6 in Shoulder: 3.5 in 
Skull size: 8 in


05-06-2012: 2 weeks
Weight: 3 lb 11.5 oz
Length: 15 in 
Tail: 5 in 
Forepaw: 4.5 in 

Shoulder: 3.75 in
Skull size: 8.75 in 
Medicated for round worm.


05-21-2012: 4 weeks
Weight: 7 lbs
Length: 17 in 
Tail: 6 in
Height: 9 in 
Skull size: 11 in
Ear to Ear: 4 in 
Medicated for round worm. 


05-28-2012: 5 weeks
Weight: 9.8 lbs
Length: 21.5 in 
Tail: 7 in 
Height: 10 in 
Skull size: 11.5 in
Ear to Ear: 4 in 


Medicated for round worm.


06-04-2012: 6 weeks
Weight: 12.9 lbs 
Length: 22.5 in 
Tail: 7 in 
Height: 11.5 in
Skull size: 11.5 in
Ear to ear: 4 in
Puppy shots: (5-in-1)
Distemper,  Adenovirus Types 1 and 2, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus Type 2b


07-10-2012: 11 weeks
Puppy shots: (5-in-1)
Distemper,  Adenovirus Types 1 and 2, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus Type 2b