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The American Alsatian dog is a large domesticated Dire Wolf looking dog with yellow eyes.


The Dire Wolf Project™ is the breeding of a large companion dog with the exact bone and body structure of the Dire Wolf (canis dirus), an extinct wolf of the Pleistocene era. No one knows exactly what a Dire Wolf looked like, but DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito, LLC understands GODS BREEDING PLAN™. In the wild, animals must survive by hiding, blending into the enviroment and being keenly aware of all that surrounds them. Knowing this, we can imagine what the Dire Wolf must have looked like. Put that image together with the exact measurements of the Dire Wolf bones found and you have a pretty close resemblance of the extinct prehistoric Dire Wolf. 


Because wild animals cannot fit into our modern lifestyles, the Dire Wolf Project breeds only loving, kind and mild tempermented domesticated dogs. Temperament being the first and most important genetic quality to be selected in any puppies kept for breeding. After thirty years of this kind of selective breeding, the Dire Wolf Project begets litter after litter of the first large breed companion dogs that have a very low prey drive with a high degree of pain tolerance. With regular and systematic crossbreeding to keep genetic diversity, Lois has driven down the physical and mental disabilites found in many of our purebred dogs today.

"There is NO wolf blood in our dogs as I would NEVER breed a wolf into a companion dog." - Lois Schwarz



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We are the only certified American Alsatian dog breeder in eastern Washington State! We are glad you came. We are dedicated to improving the quality of the American Alsatian dog in both looks and personality while continuing to produce the healthiest pups. We work in strict accordance to the American Alsatian dog standards and the Dire Wolf Project morals and ethics set out by the founder and adhere to all guidance from the founder of the breed. We hope you enjoy your visit to DireWolf Dogs™ of Vallecito and return soon to see our progress and keep in touch.


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Stanley - DireWolf Dog


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